Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Big Shit

"If dating a girl in the office is like shitting where you eat, I just pinched a loaf on the dining room table."

When Delilah and I were dating I had zero respect for her ex, aptly named, "Man-Whore." After splitting with Delilah, he went on to hook-up with many chicas. Up until now, I never understood how a guy could sleep with dozens of women, and look at himself straight in the morning. I understand now. He was trying to find happiness, and settled for sex. Believe me, the quest for happiness is even harder when you're used to loving someone who's perfect for you.

Since splitting with Delilah I've been with two wonderful, understanding, Jewish girls, "Chef" and "Shorty." They both respected the ridiculous hours I work, and wanted to make it work. In short, we went on a few dates, they tried the kool-aid, and they left even more thirsty. But here's the catch: I'm not ready to move on. I already told Chef that it wouldn't be fair to her if we dated seeing that I still had feelings for Delilah. Shorty works in my office, and told me today that I'm the "silver-lining in her life." I know the healthy thing is for me to give Shorty a fresh try, but everything reminds me of Delilah. I'm just not getting over her. I miss nearly everything about her. I even miss the way she brushed her hair.

It still upsets me so much that she wasn't willing to try to make it work, yet here it is two girls that I go on a few dates with are willing to overcome obstacles to try and build a relationship. But she wasn't. She wasn't willing to make it work. She said no because she didn't love me as much as I loved her.

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