Monday, August 11, 2008

The Downside to the Top of the World

The downside to living at the top of the world is that once you leave, it's not easy getting back.

For the longest time I thought I had met "the Girl" for me, Diana. On our secret trip to New York I put a grass "wedding" ring on her finger with every intent of making it real someday. Wiser than I, she told me that it wouldn't solve the inevitable breakup resulting from our conflicting religions.

The first Friday of next month will mark the one year that Jess and I have been together. I love her and despite that I'm occasionally haunted with past stories, she loves me without reservation. This week I've been invited to join her family to visit their summer home and vacation spots on the east coast. It should be a fun trip where I learn both about her family, the dynamics of our relationship, and my own emotions. It's will also be the only vacation I've taken since my my trip with Diana.

Undoubtedly this vacation will be very different than the last, both in place and in spirit. I'm not the boy I used to be. I'm more cautious. I'm less outspoken about my dreams. Failed love hurt and still hurts.

While I can pontificate all night long about my self-imagined, new found, maturity, mostly, I'm just excited to be back in the game of life, its adventures, misadventures, ups, downs, and returns.

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