Sunday, March 21, 2010

Skies of Blue

Recently I've been reflecting on my favorite things in life and what I consider the defining activities that make my life what it is. This helps me appreciate how much and how little is actually within my realm of control. For example, while I have my day job, it really has no bearing on how I feel towards each of these items (which is in my control). If you take it a step further, the job is just a means to participate in these activities, just like any other job. While it's a simple conclusion, it has been helpful for me to keep life in perspective, compartmentalizing the frustrating or stressful tasks from the activities that define me. It has also helped me realize how few material things I actually need or even want. And lastly, it helps me realize that if I were to die before my time (which I'm certainly not expecting, but do occasionally reflect on), that I am grateful to have still lived my life.

This list is not intended to have any meaning to anyone other than myself, as I think each person has to choose their own defining activities.

In no particular order:

Family meals. My own home. Exploring new adventures with Jess and friends. Jewish traditions. Researching unlevered companies that generate significant cash flow. Eating delicious foods. Restful sleep. Staying healthy. Playing cards with friends. Cooperative video games. Mini golf. Jacuzzi time. Walks on the beach. Hikes. Sunsets and sunrises. Listening to music while driving with the windows down. Thought provoking books and conversation. Living in a town with beautiful weather. East Coast vacations. Violin. Imaginary stories in my head.

And a few that I have yet to experience:

Good husband. Good dad (teach kids to be good and add value to world). Walk my own obedient dog.

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