Tuesday, September 26, 2006

R. Rubin Quotes

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Rubin's autobiography.

On Empathy:

"[Clinton] could relate to someone else's point of view in a way that made that person feel not just heard but understood. Listening in that way was more flattering than oridinary flattery; here was the President of the United Statees, and he really cared about what you had to say... Clinton listened so sympathetically that people who were unaccustomed to him often took it as duplicitious when he later came out against their positions.." (pg. 133)

Quoting Gus Levy on Luck:

"I'd rather be lucky than good." (pg. 72)

A question worth asking:

After Gus died, I always regretted that I'd never asked him what he, driving himself all day long every day, thought life was all about. I don't know if he would have had an answer, but one answer I don't think he would have given was money." (pg. 73)

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